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What mix of DevOps "things" is right for my needs?

Link to DrupalCon recorded session:

Navigating all of the DevOps tools and techniques available can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned DevOps engineers. The DevOps landscape is always evolving - new tools surface, old tools get either out-performed or un-supported, tried and true tools gain new features and new footing. 
The goal of this session is to surface the best mix of DevOps "things" that are a best (or close to best) solution for real-world development team scenarios.
We will cover some basic topics, define some some common use-cases, then apply DevOps approaches that would best fit the technical and business needs in the scenario.

  • Identify common "needs" profiles (e.g., independents, Agencies, single dev teams, enterprise dev teams)
  • Identify common "scope" profiles (e.g., single project, many projects, complex product w/ integrations)
  • Identify common DevOps tool implementation profiles (e.g., self-hosted, SaaS models, hybrid solutions)
  • Define environmental considerations (e.g., dev staff skills, time / budget constraints, legal requirements)
  • Define common Software PM methods (e.g., Agile / Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Giddy-up Cowboy, Eyes Wide Shut)

Level of knowledge required 
Some technical knowledge of N-tier web application architecture. 
If I lost you with that sentence (it really dates me), the following roles will find value in this talk:

  • Technical Project Managers 
  • Dev / IT Departmental Leads
  • Agency tech folks
  • Business / Technical Analysts
  • Developers


  • Have a method to articulate different DevOps approaches independent of tool names. Tool examples will be provided.
  • Have terms and terminology that can resonate beyond the DevOps engineers. (i.e., The People With The Money)
  • Have some sense of what "recipe" of tools and DevOps solution is close to your needs as a starting point.

Aimee Degnan (CEO / Principal Architect of Hook 42) is a self-labeled curmudgeonly old Enterprise Architect / Sys Admin from the time before DevOps was called DevOps. She's transitioned from managing thousands of servers on the front-lines to making executive level tool selection based on business needs and environment constraints.

Time Slot: 
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
280A (cap. 61)