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Site Building

Keynote: Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO)

Stanford University offers a wide array of opportunities for students to study abroad. Historically, these opportunities were administered by various departments from all corners of the university. In 2015, Stanford’s Office of International Affairs started work on Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO), an initiative to bring all of these opportunities under one roof.

Views Power Tools

An exploration of some of the more powerful tools built into Drupal 8 Views.

  • Become unafraid of that scary Advanced section.
  • Achieve unheard of amounts of efficiency with View modes.
  • Become a field-combining ninja whom all encounter will fear!
  • Get what you want out of life via the power of a simple Twig.

Disclaimer: There may have been some hyperbole up there. But I even taught my boss something with this presentation, so you might learn something too.

Backdrop CMS

Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with many of the top 50 Drupal 7 modules included in core. Backdrop also includes proper configuration management for quick and easy deployment of settings changes along with code. Backdrop CMS has been out for more than 3 years, and has seen 9 on-time releases that have added more new core features - including a few you won't find in Drupal 8 (yet). Backdrop core includes built-in automatic URLs, page redirects, and a tool for adding new modules directly from your existing site.

Foldershare: Building a data sharing cloud on Drupal 8 for researchers

Researchers and academic websites often need to handle data, while Drupal is a compelling content management systems, its file handling capabilities are very limited. In this session we will present an overview and demonstration of a new set of modules that enable data sharing and file management for a variety of use cases for researchers. The new modules create and manage a secure virtual file system of nested folders and uploaded files of any type. Access controls enable users to share their content with selected friends and colleagues, or with the public at large.

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