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Panel: Creating a successful service roadmap for a higher ed web team

Those who work in higher education web teams are skilled technologists and communicators, devoted to their campus communities and proud to contribute to their teaching, research, and health care missions. The pace of change in technology and design is lightning-fast, though, and devising a successful digital strategy in higher ed is tricky to say the least.

To be successful, a higher ed web team needs a technology strategy to address the ever-evolving needs of an active university. How do we devise a roadmap to keep pace with evolving design standards, security and accessibility policies, privacy laws, and do so in a changing digital ecosystem? And how do we help our team members connect their work to this strategy in a purposeful and meaningful way?

Sara Worrell-Berg from Stanford Web Services will share the roadmap for Drupal at Stanford in 2018 and beyond, designed to address the needs of SWS customers and crafted with the team’s core values at its heart. Sara will then be joined by Shawn DeArmond from UC Davis, Melissa Miller from The Ohio State University, and Rob Knight from UC Santa Cruz sharing what’s ahead for the web at their respective schools and demonstrating that higher ed web teams everywhere share many of the same challenges.

Download a PDF of the presentation slides

Time Slot: 
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
190 (cap. 115)