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Foldershare: Building a data sharing cloud on Drupal 8 for researchers

Researchers and academic websites often need to handle data, while Drupal is a compelling content management systems, its file handling capabilities are very limited. In this session we will present an overview and demonstration of a new set of modules that enable data sharing and file management for a variety of use cases for researchers. The new modules create and manage a secure virtual file system of nested folders and uploaded files of any type. Access controls enable users to share their content with selected friends and colleagues, or with the public at large. In addition, plugin content viewers support the presentation of files of different types, as well as automatic light-weight visualizations of table, tree, and graph data. While initially focused to support data collected and shared during scientific research, the project’s modules support additional use cases for other domains and general file sharing. The modules provide APIs, user interfaces, and a plugin structure to add features and adapt the modules to site-specific needs.

A summary of module capabilities is listed below

For administrators

  • Expansive administrative settings to set up the module to meet site needs
  • The foldershare entity is fieldable, so other content such as comments, tags, taxonomy may be added
  • All foldershare content may be indexed and searched
  • Storage report showing usage by site users
  • Ability to change folder/file ownership
  • No dependencies outside of core


For developers

  • Documented Plugin API, REST API and internals (DX is very important)
  • A plugin architecture and API to extend the capabilities
  • The module has REST capabilities. It includes a php client API and a php command line utility is located in the applications folder


For users

  1. Create and manage hierarchical structure of folders and files with a familiar UX
  2. Upload any file types (may be configured to restrict based on file extension)
  3. Share folder tree with built in access controls (from top level folder including all content inside it) with any site users. Each top level folder may be granted public, view(read only) or  author(write) privileges to any site users
  4. Support for common file management operations like copy, move, compress, upload, download, etc.
  5. Each file or folder has a built in description field
  6. A php command line utility for power users provided with the module in the applications folder
  7. Ability to automatically generate light visualization of CSV/JSON data files using the companion small data module

Getting started

  1. See trial and download information on the project page
  2. Download slides


Time Slot: 
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
280B (cap. 61)