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Drupal Framework for Research and Data Viz Apps

demo Drupal is becoming a powerful research tool that relieves faculty and researchers from working on creating and managing databases and user interface tools and allows them to focus on actual research topics. We will demo how tools built with Drupal support research, scholarship, data management and more.

Join other researchers, lab managers, and technicians to find out how Drupal provided an efficient solution for research projects.

How Drupal is Bringing Value to Academia Research

Drupal framework allows to

  • create data structures intuitively without coding SQL
  •  import or enter data & metadata via a single web interface
  • display data in various formats & visualizations
  • distribute data for others to use with granular permissions

Demo of projects in Legal Research that are built with Drupal, and why it works well

Time Slot: 
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
280B (cap. 61)