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Design System vs. Pattern Library vs. Style Guide. Make it all clear & work for your Team. And outside it!

Prerequisites either are:

  • Experience in day-to-day collaboration between Frontend, Backend, Designers and Client.
  • Experience with Pattern Lab, Fractal or other pattern libraries.
  • Experience in building large multi-layout websites.

Straightforward and valuable agenda:

  1. Differences between Design System vs. Pattern Library vs. Style Guide.
  2. How to make it [work] serve for your Team.
  3. How to integrate it all with Drupal.
  4. How to share the Design language across Team and beyond - to the Client.

Properly organized, Design System should serve for you (not waste your resources!) and make your Frontend, Backend, Designers and Client all happier!

In this session I want to share a real experience when designing a content architecture of large multi-lingual and multi-layout websites for enterprise, academics and digital.
These very simple but extremely flexible techniques can be used in almost ANY project. Re-understand your workflow today and create your own Design System experience!

Time Slot: 
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
280B (cap. 61)