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Keynote: Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO)

Stanford University offers a wide array of opportunities for students to study abroad. Historically, these opportunities were administered by various departments from all corners of the university. In 2015, Stanford’s Office of International Affairs started work on Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO), an initiative to bring all of these opportunities under one roof.

Panel: Creating a successful service roadmap for a higher ed web team

Those who work in higher education web teams are skilled technologists and communicators, devoted to their campus communities and proud to contribute to their teaching, research, and health care missions. The pace of change in technology and design is lightning-fast, though, and devising a successful digital strategy in higher ed is tricky to say the least.

Care & Feeding of Drupal Sites: Keeping your site alive and happy post-launch

Often when we’re talking about websites the focus is on building something new. But what happens once you have a finished product? Websites don’t stop needing attention once they’re done being built. In this session, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help keep your site run smoothly over time. Some items we’ll cover:

If it Ain’t Broke: How to tell if your website needs a full rebuild or a focused fix

It seems like it’s time for a change. Maybe your website is acting sluggish. It isn’t creating the conversions you hoped for. You may have even heard a bit of negative feedback from customers. And you’ve definitely heard about the benefits of Drupal 8 by now. But do you know the scope of the change that’s needed to get things back on track? Do you need to start from scratch and rebuild your website? While a rebuild can be an exciting process, it does take a significant amount of time and money. Or can you evolve the investment in your existing website with a smart retune? The good news?

Dashboards: Analytics for the People

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it can be unwieldy and inscrutable to the uninitiated. The interface offers a ton of information, but how do you know where to quickly find what you need? How do you share a snapshot of a certain metric with stakeholders? And, how do you make sure that everyone’s looking at the same data – particularly when that data is actively changing? To address these problems, Google has developed a product called Data Studio, that turns analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization.

Case Study – Cantor Arts Center Drupal 8 Redesign

In the spring of 2017, Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center came to Hook 42 with a project to redesign their aging website with a shiny new Drupal 8 website that would allow the museum’s exemplary visual arts exhibits and photographic assets take center stage. What followed was a development cycle full of rigorous content strategy, front-end design, and back-end development that culminated in the newly-launched Cantor Arts Center website.


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